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With tales of triumph, defeat, and grit, The Third Place documents the origin stories, trials, and tribulations of cafe owners around the U.S. in the wake of COVID-19.

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The Third Place
The Third Place

noun. /THē-THərd-plās/ A community space outside the home or workplace - a place to work, think, and connect.

We asked some of the nation's leading entrepreneurs where they go to get inspired and be productive.

Here's what they said:


"One of my favorite spots to hang out with both business associates and friends alike."

Kimberly Bryant
Founder & CEO, Black Girls Code | Re: Busboys and Poets

“I have no idea where they get their banana bread but every morning at 6:30, my kids start screaming ‘Banana bread! Banana bread!’ and off we go to walk the dog and fill up on the tastiest banana bread in the world.” 

Jeff Carvalho
Co-founder, Highsnobiety & Burrata | Re: Peckish

“Great for an early morning working session or a socially distanced meeting. Great coffee of course."

Ana Andjelic
Fmr. Chief Brand Officer, Banana Republic | Re: Ground Support Cafe

“Perfect for some uninterrupted work or unwinding after a day on the beach.” 

Jeremy Cai
Founder & CEO, Italic | Re: The Hive

“It's a great place to get some good coffee in the morning, work through lunch, then get a salad and a treat.” 

Elizabeth Segran, Ph.D. 
Senior Staff Writer, Fast Company | Re: Flour Bakery

Recommendation: Farley's

Scott Galloway
Founder, Section4 & Professor of Marketing, New York University Stern | Re: Farley's

Stories From Behind The Counter

"Looking back, I also don't see any other way for me to have become a business owner, or to even have that dream in the first place and think of myself as a businesswoman. It took someone offering that opportunity to me, literally saying ‘Do you want to be a businesswoman?’ If no one had said that, I never would have thought about it."

Erica Escalante | Fmr: Cafe Reina

“In 2015, I went to Japan for the first time, and discovered Tokyo’s ‘listening bars’, which became the inspiration for LONGPLAY HiFi...Besides being a coffee shop, LONGPLAY HiFi is also a case study. I’m trying to prove that opening a restaurant in this day and age should be done differently."

G Huerta | LONGPLAY HiFi

“I started working with coffee as an 18 year old musician back home in Australia. I recorded 5 albums with my band and toured the world for 10 years. At the very beginning, my music manager made me get a job at a coffee shop, just to stay out of trouble during the week when there were no shows.."

Davide Drummond | Ground Support Cafe

“What began as a simple courteous business transaction has actually materialized into many great friendships.  We've changed tires and jumped car batteries, baby sat, lent favors, cried with and cried for people and many in the neighborhood and beyond have done the same for us in return. It's the single most important gift we've received in our lives, and it's certainly an incredible achievement that we've never ignored."

Ryan and Kathleen Hall | Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Devocion - New York / pg. 38
The Boy and The Bear - Los Angeles / pg. 176
Houndstooth - Austin / pg. 106
Set the tone
Set the tone

The Third Place is more than a coffee table book - it's a tool for environment design.

Use it to find your next moment of inspiration, or create one right at home.

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