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Say Goodbye to your Saggy Backpack

Say Goodbye to your Saggy Backpack

Finally, a backpack purpose-built for hybrid work.

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Physical clutter brings
mental clutter

Stay organized and look the part, wherever work takes you.

Simple to use.

1. Built for how we work today

In 2022, your old, beat-up backpack isn’t going to cut it. With the demands of hybrid work, The Work-From-Anywhere Backpack is professional enough for the office or airport, but functional enough to be your mobile workstation, wherever “work-from-anywhere" takes you.

2. Maintains its shape

Most bags are bursting at the seams when full, or look like a deflated balloon when empty. With reinforced construction and top-of-the-line materials, ours won’t sag or bulge - it’ll look just like it does in the pictures, all the time… crazy right?

3. Store shoes with ease

With built-in shoe storage, you'll never need to wrap your gym shoes in a plastic bag again. Our built-in shoe bag keeps your dirty shoes and clothes away from your things, keeping your bag clean and organized.

4. Stay organized and stress-free

Luxury bags look nice, but their lack of organization leaves you with a mess of tangled wires, and technical bags are so over-engineered that you need an instruction manual to use them.

We stripped away the unnecessary fluff, and rebuilt from the ground up. With dedicated space for a laptop, chargers, and more, The WFA Backpack has everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Just how we intended.

5. Built for life

We spent 2 years designing this backpack, and we intend for it to last you much longer than that. With premium, water-resistant materials, best-in-class YKK zippers, and full grain leather trims, we're confident it will.

See why people are loving The WFA Backpack

The Bryn Mill community can't stop talking about us. Here's what they had to say:

"One of the cleanest bag designs I've seen, and I buy a lot (too many) bags"

Daniel M.

"Ever since going back to the office, this bag has been a lifesaver. Very organized and easy to pack/unpack.

Ian S.

"I finally upgraded my work bag when I started in a new role, and it's been great. You clearly get what you pay for - this is a high quality product.

Christian W.

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