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Limited Quantity: Reserve Now
Limited Quantity: Reserve Now

To celebrate our launch, pre-order customers will receive a complimentary copy of our limited edition guide to work-from-anywhere, The Third Place.

By pre-ordering, you'll be invited to our exclusive early adopter community, with behind-the-scenes access, updates, and perks.

We'll see you there.

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A home for everything, everyday

Store gym shoes with ease

Won't sag or bulge

On-the-go access

Separate, protected space for your laptop. (Okay, great)

But there's more...

A dedicated notebook sleeve, premium stretch mesh pockets, internal and external water bottle sleeves, and magnetic-closure organizer pockets provide just the right amount of organization for your day-to-day.

Your work-to-gym routine just got easier. Our custom shoe bag keeps dirty clothes and shoes away from your valuables, and stores easily when not in use.

No more saggy backpacks. With reinforced construction, your bag will look just like it does in the photos, whether it's empty or filled to the brim.

Our front vertical zip pocket is designed to be used on the move. Instead of stopping to take the bag completely off your back, just swing it to one shoulder and it's all within reach.

Easy access to your essentials on the go
Attachable shoe-bag - roll it out when you need it, zip it away when you don't
A place for all your wires, chargers, and other accessories
A luggage sleeve for comfy traveling
Work doesn't only happen at the office anymore
Work doesn't only happen at the office anymore Pre-order Now