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The Way We Work Is Changing

Bryn Mill is a brand for modern work. We believe your career is an integral part of life, something that should lift you up rather than drag you down. We celebrate the rituals of the day-to-day - the moments of clarity and creativity that make work worth doing. We appreciate the little things, and put that same intention behind everything we do. We're excited to share it with you.

Let us paint you a picture.

It's the smell of fresh morning air.

The feeling of clarity after that first sip of coffee. The sound of a cafe buzzing with energy.

It's walking onto the subway platform just as your train arrives.

It's feeling on top of the world after you nail the presentation. Get the promotion. Land the client.

It's that Friday-afternoon-accomplished feeling. After-work drinks with coworkers you actually like.

It's seeing the impact of your work firsthand. Stepping back and being proud of something you built.

Work is all of these things, and so much more.

You spend a third of your life at work - why not appreciate the good that comes with it?

The Flow-State of Mind

Ah, the flow state. That magical space of calm, focused energy, when all else melts away. It's the source of our most creative moments, and it's immensely satisfying. If you're like us, you spend a lot of time chasing it.

At Bryn Mill, we strive to help you find that elusive place. With thoughtful design and practical functionality, our products won't put you in a state of flow, but they'll certainly make room for it.

How We Got Here

The story of Bryn Mill starts back in Boston. We were a couple of ambitious college kids, and as interns, we were tired of our backpacks making us look and feel like students in the office.

With needless straps and buckles, we looked more prepared for a day hike than a day of work. That, or the lack of organization led to a chaotic pit that was downright impractical.

There had to be something better, so we set out to make it ourselves.

A lot has changed since those early days. The way we work was turned upside down, and it became apparent that we needed better tools for the way we work today. If work can happen from anywhere, your bag is your mobile workstation. We thought it was time someone made it better.

// Andrew & Justin, co-founders of Bryn Mill

Our Roots

We're often asked where the name "Bryn Mill" comes from. A nod to the origin of modern commutes, Brynmill (one word) is a coastal town in Wales that played host to the world's first passenger railway.

More than two centuries later, Bryn Mill (two words) exists for the commutes of modern day, and our name brings us full circle.

And why'd we split it into two words? Honestly? We just liked it better that way.